I like John Lewis' Furniture

Friday, October 31, 2008

Now you see how smooth everything looks with John Lewis?! ^_^

I have been an impulsive buyer of sorts. This is one condition that I could not decipher myself (and I confess!) but in the day and age of “upcoming recessions”, “slow down of markets” and “volatile businesses”, I don’t think about spending too much on necessities for my house. Prices have gone up but if you think about it, you’ll just have to stick to your instincts in purchasing large items and base everything on “QUALITY”. You heard it ladies and gentlemen; the word for the day is quality.

I just had our house renovated. Some pieces of my furniture are really getting outdated. From those Avant-garde tables and chairs we have in the living room to modern metal equipment we have in the kitchen, and antiques passed on from generation to generation, we simply would need some of our furniture to bind these times together. I’m not rich and famous (well sometimes I am LOL) but I saw this collection from John Lewis Bedrooms, a famous retailer in the UK. When I saw the furniture, I was in love as everything seemed to be designed to fit in any room in my house. Now I know I would not have any problem choosing the perfect nightstands, dressers, wardrobes, and stools that can jazz up my generation gapped house. Everything will blend; it will be simple yet elegant and with flare.

I now have pictured the perfect bedroom for me and my brother in Ireland. I’ll decide to buy the best; including mattresses when I decide to migrate to London late this year (if all plans push through, I’ll be flying in a few months). With the pieces he has in his store, all my things will be kept in place. I know it’ll turn my bedroom into a luxurious place for retreat. I hope to really make my home there as a place of refuge, so I can relax and just concentrate on my I.T. studies at Kensington College.

I’ll recommend John Lewis Bedrooms to everyone when I get there. ^_^



Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Last call for the last week!
The disgruntled faces seen here are from donkeydish.com ^_^

I and countless people around the world awaits Uncle Sam to decide who'll win in the up coming elections. The impact of votes by Americans will greatly affect the economical and political conditions around the globe. The issue over economy has been deliberated over and over again and I'm not discounting the fact that this is really a BIG thing to be concerned with... though there are other ones that should have been dealt with so these repercussion and preposterous results do not happen. Large percentages are already lost and they should have invested more time in business confidence rather than bailing out banks. I think people really didn't know how this started... but really because of a few greedy people (which comprised of board members of these banks) that had GIGANTIC amounts of bonuses and living "la vida loca" today, the whole economy of the US is at stake. They earned a lot but since the credit and lending became too volatile when they left it, a recession is about to occur. This is what is at the drawing table both on McCain and Obama's camps... if a miracle happened, then this would not be a problem anymore for millions who invested in the US economy.

Seems to me that Obama is leading. Last time I read the news, almost 8 states that were originally solid for Bush went to the side of Obama. This is a huge mistake on McCain for not maintaining these states where electorates were even high. I'm so sorry but I think Obama is gonna be the first black president. You can probably quote me on this a day before if the double digit lead doesn't change lolz! McCain still however has a week left to change these undecided votes to his camp.. but did you see the CNN debate where Obama still fared better among neutral voters at that time? Most probably, it won't be a showdown on the 4th of November. It would be a massacre!



ELY BUENDIA and FRANCIS M back in business! ^_^

Tuesday, October 28, 2008



My IDOLS back in business! Francis M back after being diagnosed with Leukemia and Ely back after a heart attack... now that gave me a heart attack too! ^_^

If you missed watching Eat Bulaga last October 25, 2008... you missed half of your life! After a few months rest and the arduous spells brought by the ERASERHEADS concert that stopped half way. This rated so high according to AGB Nielsen among Metro Manila households... a whopping 25.5% and rated the highest for that day. I mean who would ever wouldn't watch his comeback together with Francis M blurting out Superproxy. This one thing made my day. It even made me smile a couple of times while I was in the office. Enjoy this clip! ^_^

Let's watch my IDOL! ^_^


Own a Piece of History

Now you can own a piece of history, Hotel Casco Antiguo.

I never would have imagined a quaint southernmost Central American country such as Panama would bear the grandest piece of history. Have you heard of Casco Antiguo? If not, then you are missing something big!

Forgotten dearly for decades by the city that grew up around it, Panama City's old quarter Casco Antiguo is now being revitalized and modernized through the efforts of the government and private sectors. With their hard work, a 300 year old UNESCO designated World Heritage Site is now being given a breath of fresh air. 34 new units are up for grabs hassle free with Hotel Casco Antiguo. Options to have the Hotel-Condo's for ownership/rent are now available, these of which boasts of its lavish history.

This historical place is where Panama declared independence from Spain, then continue on to separate itself from Colombia. During the rise and fall of the Gold Rush, the French also attempted to build the famous Panama Canal which was later completed by the United States. Now, everyone is using this centuries old engineering achievement. This feat has been part of every discussion when I was in the Engineering College. What wonders it would bring if we could each own a piece of Panamanian history!

Register for an eBrochure Here and grab the opportunity to be part of Hotel Casco Antiguo. It's
the best thing you'll do since sliced bread.



Jennifer Hudson's Nephew

The support has been outpouring for finding Jason Hudson
(Photo by AP)

Oh my... I thought this only happens in movies. This is really sad news for Jennifer Hudson. I read off a local newspaper that the SUV police were searching for was found and an unidentified body of a young boy was in the rear the seats. Police are still in the process of an autopsy. This would be a real tragedy.

I am one of millions of people who continue to pray for the safety of this kid. Police are in custody also of William Balfour, the estranged husband of Julia Hudson (not the father) but is not charged with anything yet. Jennifer already lost a 29yo brother and also her mom on a possible double homicide case... then they continued to look for this boy. She even pitched in a 100 grand for information to the whereabouts of this child. This would be a very sad ending. Let's still pray.


CRM Systems and Me At Work!

Toxic work at the office? Try mine next time! ^_^

Today is going to be a different day. I’m going to tell you how hard my work is. Some of you may not know but I currently work for a Fortune 500 corporation that engages with a few businesses here, the US, Europe, Argentina and India. With a customer base counting millions; it’s a necessity to provide customer relation systems that would provide fast and efficient information in this field. It’s used to service operations for customer service, technical support, return merchandise authorization and business process outsourcing. With the data given by these so called systems we analyze our target-marketing campaigns. We need to conceive business strategies to equate to the results that clients need.

Our crm system combine policies, processes, and strategies implemented by our corporation and unify customer interaction to provide a mechanism for tracking customer information. This is where our business runs and where we stand. We give the companies we do business with to provide a holistic approach and excellence in customer service. With our hybrid business model, we have the capability to meet requirements in North America or offshore. Through our centers in the United States, Philippines and China we are now delivering world class solutions for:

* Sales and Marketing Services

* Technical and Customer Support

* Back office Processing

* Print and Fulfillment

We ensure the success of thousands of other businesses. This is just a bit of how complicated life is for me. We partner with our clients to provide a hybrid model for 24x7 customer service solutions from our Greenville, South Carolina and Rochester, New York locations as well as three locations in the Philippines. I’m part of the BPO Department (and a very technical account) which handles the smooth transition of these processes. We currently have over 2,700 representatives communicating through several channels including inbound and outbound calls, email and chat support. Part of the job is to construct the most appropriate program to meet strategic, business and customer service goals while utilizing the technology necessary to support the procedures such as proprietary management tools to capture valuable customer information. We go beyond certifications to assure the protection of crm systems and information.

With integrated real time reporting generated by award winning software, you can easily see how we consistently exceed expectations. I’m proud of my work and what I’m doing right now. I hope you feel the same way about your jobs no matter how complicated life is. Aren't you glad you ain't working for me? Lolz!



Monday, October 27, 2008

The Andre Agassi Charitable Foundation Inc owned and operated by the world's best tennis player (in my record that is! ^_^) has done a benefit for children around the world. With the best entertainment could offer and a meal that costs 10,000 to 85,000 bucks, it is already packed with the best singers anyone could ask for.

Charice now had the chance to be part of this event at Wynn Las Vegas and she had a chance to make her dreams come true by meeting the best diva of her life and of the Millennium Mariah Carey. This was a little candid but I'm glad she had the chance to do so. I hope singing with her would be the next thing to watch for. On this event, Charice sang the song that made her famous "And I am telling you" popularized by Jennifer Hudson on Dreamgirls

Charice @ Andre Agassi Part 1

Her Intro and Whitney Houston Medley

Charice @ Andre Agassi Part 2

A standing ovation and "I have nothing" popularized by Jennifer Hudson

*videos courtesy of youtube's FALSEVOICE


O U C H ! ! ! !

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I look like this now... T_T head hurts a lot!

'm not in the mood today, I'm feeling a bit under the weather now. My head hurts a lot and I can't even see straight. It's a good thing I can type with my eyes closed. It's both soothing to have my office fan breezing at my back (while the AC's on) and me typing away. Its the first time I'm doing this and I dunno if I'm getting typo's already. I just hope the pain stops soon. I've taken 2 tabs, mefenamic acid and paracetamol to get this over with... I just hope my head would feel better... its like I'm bashing my head on the wall til now. Arghh.. why did this happen all of a sudden?!

What's more bad is that I'm already in the office... and I can't just simply go back home coz I'm taking care of my attendance at work... talk about LOYALTY lolz... I'll probably have to spend my shift going to my desk and the clinic... it's a good thing we have one huh?!

I can't discuss anything politically and morally straight today so I'm just gonna beg off blogging today. Last Saturday I went out with friends in Makati... and I was with my wifey the whole time... I went to her place late afternoon this day also... ahhh! How I wish we could spend the whole day together without thinking of the office and work. The big question is.... "When can I have a vacation? T_T"

BTW FYI... I have not incurred a single absence since 2003.... weird huh?! I think I need a break... a big break!

T_T my head hurts still... I hope this goes down later... and I even planned to go to the gym in the morning! lolz! ^_^


Kidnapped : Please Continue To Pray For Their Safety

Friday, October 24, 2008

Abu Sayyaf and extremist rebels are still in Mindanao, some of them are dead and some breakaway groups survived previous military operations and still kidnap people. May God have mercy on their soul.
file photo taken on survivalx.com

My Aunt Milet Mendoza hasn’t been freed yet by her kidnappers. I just am too worried about what these “dangerous people” could do with her and Ms. Espie from Nagdilaab Foundation. These are teens who are just brainwashed by Muslim Extremists in the Southern part of the Philippines. There are other people behind this. My Tita Milet went there because of her calling to help War displaced Filipinos (Muslims and Christians alike) and help them rehabilitate thru programs provided and implemented by NGO’s. I just read off an update in Inquirer that the abductors were able to use Esperancita Hupida (Ms. Espie’s) mobile phone and call Nagdilaab Foundation President Fr. Angel Calvo on Tuesday and reiterated the demand for 5 million pesos in ransom. Ms. Espie was able to talk “They threatened to cut Espie’s fingers if we do not give in to the ransom demand, they also made us hear how they hurt her while the call was ongoing… it is agonizing, unbearable and very barbaric… Espie was so weak and she could be ill, but her captors still did hurt her. She kept on begging for help and asked us to do all means to help her” Fr. Calvo said.This ransom value was lowered today to an undisclosed amount but was still impossible to raise by Ms. Espie's family. They would still not release information on my Aunt Milet until Hupida has been released. Government is strictly implementing a no ransom policy for kidnappers.

For those who were not able to read my previous article on my website, Ms. Espie Hupida and my Aunt Milet Mendoza were kidnapped along with four other people in a remote village of Tipo-Tipo Central Basilan, a war torn province in the southern Mindanao on Sept. 15. Four others managed to escape on separate occasions, Auntie Milet could have also done so but she did not want to leave Ms. Espie Hupida behind because she could barely walk. They could not however still get any information about my Aunt Milet. I ask all my friends, fellow bloggers and family to please continue to pray for my Aunt Milet and Ms. Espie’s safety.


I thought I was clean of MELAMINE! OMG even LIPTON!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Well folks, I just was shocked this morning. After working out, I grabbed the morning paper and checked out what the latest news was since I need to blog about something. You know what I found out? I've been drinking spiked tea all along....

This is the culprit:

If you think tea was healthy, think again! (>_<) tsk tsk!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, I've been drinking Melamine laced Lipton tea all along (a few cups a week). Now Unilever is pulling out this stuff exported from Indonesia. I just hate the fact that I'm a lil educated about tea but never in my wildest dreams thought that I'd be also a victim of this ingredient melamine. I just wish its not gonna affect my health. I hope these middlemen they blame for putting these in milk be reprimanded and taken to jail. The effect has just been worldwide! So if you are a victim, stop drinking this and all its flavors! This news has been confirmed by BFAD. (-_-)" if only they pay me for medical bills!


Who is Eugene Domingo?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I watch your movies Eugene Domingo! ^_^

I am a huge fan of Eugene Domingo and I ain't ashamed to say that out loud in my site ^_^. Her crazy antics and punchlines are the best a comedic actress would ever spurt out. Her timing and unprecedented candidness on and off movies are worthy for me and my friends to take notice. It was when we said, hey this girl's funny... we'll follow her movies! and it didn't end there.

My friends and I religiously watched her movies even if we obviously didn't like her co stars. We enjoy and adore her. Although I know, some pinoys would probably ask "Who is Eugene Domingo?".

I'm sure you watched her a couple of times in TV. If you are a theater addict like I was in college you probably watched one of her shows as well. She is a good actress from UP and I think there are a couple of merits to her name as well, but just this afternoon I read off a showbiz website that a couple of movies were pulled off from her... I tried to check out why... it turns out a clash between Mother Lily Monteverde and Eugene's manager Ricky Gallardo was the culprit. This in turn got 4 of her movies pulled out from her. The manager however belies this statement from Mother Lily saying "Its different if you got a movie pulled out, than not accepting the offer at all because we did not accept it to tell you frankly". I believe the manager in this case because Mother Lily had agreed upon prices for these films, but at the last minute she wanted a lower price which in turn stressed out the manager and Eugene. The only thing that the manager wanted was "WORD OF HONOR" because everything was set already. This is one big deal for anyone who knows the word "Professionalism".

Mother Lily says "Bhaka malowogi Negoshoh" lolz!

I am starting to hate Mother Lily but what can we do really. It's a good thing that a couple of films and her launching movie is still in play, otherwise I would really despise producers like that who don't honor their words just to earn a buck.


Retired Comptroller Eliseo dela Paz and the 6.9 Million Controversy

The one being awarded on this file picture from PIA is Eliseo dela Paz, he will receive a different AWARD from GMA I know! Lolz! ^_^

On a touchy subject. Of course I won't let this pass! =P Eliseo dela Paz admitted lapse of judgment when he brought along a large sum of money ... Euros totaling to an equivalent of 6.9 Million Pesos in local currency was just hand carried during a trip/conference for 77th Interpol Assembly in St. Petersburg, Russia. This scorned him of carrying public funds for personal caprichos but he semantically denies that these were stolen and said he has the papers to show these were legal funds from the PNP budget. Authorities from Russia held him captive for a few thinking these were also illegal. It was just on his part that he blames for embarrassing the Philippines in such a prestigious occasion. I really hope this is not what I and millions of Filipinos think it is. I hope this is not stolen public funds. Dollars purchased through local banks even would ask you for reasons why you would carry a large sum but he said that he had forgotten it was prohibited at that time. I guess he was not used to carrying credit cards huh?! ^_^ lolz. Oh by the way, did you know that even their wives were with them at that time? Yes, all their wives came along and spent public funds for that trip! Talk about being considerate at these times where the economy ain't better huh?! At times where there are even people who have nothing to eat at the poorest regions... what else is new in the Philippines!

He said he'll show papers that these were legal funds and if he needed to appear tomorrow in the Ombudsman as he willfully obliged. People from other countries already see us corrupt and THAT I guess just pinned the tail on the donkey. I just wish he gets punished if proven guilty of mishandling it. The courts will decide... but of course how in the world could you repay us getting humiliated in the International community huh?!


The Final Debate : Obama VS McCain

Friday, October 17, 2008

They go separate ways after 16 days...US Elections getting bigger by the minute!
Photo by telegraph.co.uk

It's officially 16 days before people in the US decide who leads the most powerful nation on earth (i think!) and have I been impressed? Ahm... not exactly. I watched the last debate about the US economy. The run I made in the treadmill in the gym seems long, I see lots of talk... and their plans? I just wish those work out... they've got nowhere else to go and no choice between the lesser of the two evils (lolz pardon the language, just jokin!)... I know people who think that way though.

I don't get the fuzz about Joe the plumber though... well, he's like the modern day american who would get his standard of living affected in the change on the tax structure the US is trying to implement together with the bailout package. He and the middle class people in the US who try so hard to make a living and now face poverty in the midst of the crisis. I just hope he doesn't get to conditions in the Philippines where IF you say you are POOR, you won't get a decent meal 3x a day... well that, or no meal at all. In the debate, I saw McCain leading in papers. But charisma should play a big role in this campaign... his composure helped this senator Obama (from Illinois) a lot... substance is okay, but anybody would be afraid about this showing, McCain might not win this one IMHO...

I and about billions of people around the world will just wait who to call Mr. President in a couple of days. The Red states are getting bluer and bluer by the minute. While McCain tries to get the Red states stay Red... a lot are at's stake in this election. Colin Powell btw just recently endorsed Obama. This election will not just affect the US, it will have an impact on the rest of the globe. Filipinos included! ^_^

Who do you think will win after hearing em this last debate? How about the election? ^_^ Thanks for your comments!


Oil Prices Low ; Is this caused by the recession?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's something like this but its BIGGER and TALLER...more roomy! This is the small version of it I guess!

We own a Mitsubishi Space Gear Delica Executive Edition van ( a larger one and not like normal ones sold here normally in the islands) and it drinks Diesel like there's no tomorrow... I kinda am tired paying for that sometimes because its relatively cheaper if I just get a cab to and from work... the deal is, everyone in the house needs to use it so I compromise I guess. How am I still managing to save money? Well that's really a miracle!

I heard the news today oh boy! (no that's not the song!) that there would be a 3 peso rollback on diesel with Flying V... its not my brand and I always get Diesel from Petron... but since that is the competitor, most probably they will pull down the prices of the others also. I heard just this evening that oil prices fell to an all time low of 70 dollars. Remember it was about 130 before? that's almost half! Well, I think something good is happening with the US recession I guess huh? People are spending less, and not buying too much petrol is getting the prices and demands down so it is showing that on the market. This is good for motorists right? ^_^

This is where I usually gas up!

Flying V is 3 pesos off diesel and a peso off regular gasoline. Shell, Petron, Eastern Petroleum, Seaoil, PTT, Chevron at Total already rolled back a a lil over a peso off their rates for diesel, gasoline and kerosene.

I heard its about 2 dollars 80 where my Uncle is in the US... like a dollar lower than about a month ago... that is kinda good news. Now I can't wait for prices to go lower on commuters like me too. Maybe 10 pesos off the flagdown rate again? or maybe a peso off on regular jeepney rides would be nice even if I heard they were only asking for 50 cents this morning. I mean its better in Baguio than in Manila, they only have 25 pesos for their flagdown rate there... sheesh!

I hope prices of oil still go down in the world market... as we all need to breathe!


Madonna and Guy Ritchie call it quits! : xxDIVORCEDxx

Madonna, Guy Ritchie and children, Rocco and Lourdes in Kamuning last year. Joke!
(Photo by Associated Press)

After a dream wedding in in the outskirts of Scotland, the grandest pop star Madonna and famous director Guy Ritchie call it quits today. They are now officially divorced.

This is sad, really sad news to people wishing the best for Madonna and her family. Like any divorce, it's now time for them to face the ugly financial statement since they are a VERY WEALTHY COUPLE. I may probably make these two next to Brangelina... but of course if it seems like its not gonna work, then they would be better off as friends. Child custody will also have a weird show since Rocco and Lourdes are a all grown kids. They could probably be faced with choosing who they would be with after these few days of hard circumstances on their family. Madonna asks for prayers and privacy during this very difficult time for their family. I'm quite sure it is believe me!.


Cristy Fermin Suspended! (O_O)

Nadia Montenegro and Cristy Fermin now burning bridges.

Cristy Fermin has been suspended for 2 months from her radio show "Showbiz Mismo". ABS CBN has acted on the complaint lodged against her by Nadja Montenegro at MTRCB. She will not be appearing on it until December 31, 2008. I'm sure a lot of her followers via the web and TFC would feel sad about this. Perhaps the hundreds she greet each day too.

The action done to her was justified with her exposing Nadja Montenegro's kids saying they were illegitimate but was actually her real kids from other men, that they were her real kids out of wedlock years ago. Nadja told MTRCB these were all lies. ABS CBN mentioned that the kids above all times were not supposed to be mentioned since they were not part of their fight at all. I guess that part of the story is right... kids should be still protected. ABS CBN punished her for this. I hope this issue ends and does not go ballistic this weekend when she probably would speak in her own defense come Sunday at the same program. She would maybe end up as a guest in her own show. Funny ey?!