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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Madonna, Guy Ritchie and children, Rocco and Lourdes in Kamuning last year. Joke!
(Photo by Associated Press)

After a dream wedding in in the outskirts of Scotland, the grandest pop star Madonna and famous director Guy Ritchie call it quits today. They are now officially divorced.

This is sad, really sad news to people wishing the best for Madonna and her family. Like any divorce, it's now time for them to face the ugly financial statement since they are a VERY WEALTHY COUPLE. I may probably make these two next to Brangelina... but of course if it seems like its not gonna work, then they would be better off as friends. Child custody will also have a weird show since Rocco and Lourdes are a all grown kids. They could probably be faced with choosing who they would be with after these few days of hard circumstances on their family. Madonna asks for prayers and privacy during this very difficult time for their family. I'm quite sure it is believe me!.



Mommy Liz said...

The children can't choose where to live unless they are 12 years old. Right now, they will stay with Madonna until they reach the age that they can't stand her anymore and they want to stay with their father. Divorce is hard for the kids, but normally, they only choose when the divorce is nasty. Joint custody can be applied and Madonna and Guy can keep a good relationship between them for the sake of their children.
Have a good day to you..

me said...

hahaha..Kamuning talaga ha? well there's always truth to rumors I assume. The said break-up has been in the air for months now but both camps kept their mouth shut..

Irene said...

so sad for them )): btw, linked you and myself (378) too! :D see ya! interesting blog you have :D