The Obama - McCain Presidential Debate

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Buddies Obama and McCain =) Lolz!

Obama's and McCains... who do you think won this debate? =)
(Photos by AP and Reuters)

I and about millions of people around the world watched the debate of Senator Obama from Illinois and Senator McCain from Florida. I was at the gym (Fitness First), lifting weights and running around as usual... apart from trying to keep my tummy smaller, I watched how these two punch themselves with issues at hand. Everybody wanted to hear their plans about the economy. The analysts from CNN did not leave them alone one bit, while everybody else had their own opinion on the matter and how McCain should deal with this face off... as they say, he's the one who would want to gain from this.

Did he succeed? According to the polls there, he didn't! and in my books he did not gain anything from doing that debate. You know the feeling of having a traditional politician telling you his plans? (it sounded like a tape recorder) and like when he tried to approach that ol' guy in the stands it was not really sincere as I've seen it... (he asked about what they would do to retired people to keep their homes while facing the economic crisis) it was even like "scripted" for him... maybe choosing his own words was dangerous for him as it became insincere. I bet yah he didn't do well in the ratings... I saw those squiggly lines off the debate and it ranged higher when Obama spoke to the public. He on the other hand was calm and collected, I guess confidence was his key.

By more than a 2-1 margin, 65 percent to 28 percent, more people said they found Obama more likable than McCain during the debate. The discussion of an energy bill McCain offered up a two-word phrase that drew a quick reaction from the Obama camp: "You know who voted for it? You might never know. That one," McCain said, pointing to the Senator from Illinois. I think that part was uncalled for and somewhat a little bit personally offensive.

Who do you think won it? Keep em comments coming!


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My bet is John McCain, how about you..

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