Retired Comptroller Eliseo dela Paz and the 6.9 Million Controversy

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The one being awarded on this file picture from PIA is Eliseo dela Paz, he will receive a different AWARD from GMA I know! Lolz! ^_^

On a touchy subject. Of course I won't let this pass! =P Eliseo dela Paz admitted lapse of judgment when he brought along a large sum of money ... Euros totaling to an equivalent of 6.9 Million Pesos in local currency was just hand carried during a trip/conference for 77th Interpol Assembly in St. Petersburg, Russia. This scorned him of carrying public funds for personal caprichos but he semantically denies that these were stolen and said he has the papers to show these were legal funds from the PNP budget. Authorities from Russia held him captive for a few thinking these were also illegal. It was just on his part that he blames for embarrassing the Philippines in such a prestigious occasion. I really hope this is not what I and millions of Filipinos think it is. I hope this is not stolen public funds. Dollars purchased through local banks even would ask you for reasons why you would carry a large sum but he said that he had forgotten it was prohibited at that time. I guess he was not used to carrying credit cards huh?! ^_^ lolz. Oh by the way, did you know that even their wives were with them at that time? Yes, all their wives came along and spent public funds for that trip! Talk about being considerate at these times where the economy ain't better huh?! At times where there are even people who have nothing to eat at the poorest regions... what else is new in the Philippines!

He said he'll show papers that these were legal funds and if he needed to appear tomorrow in the Ombudsman as he willfully obliged. People from other countries already see us corrupt and THAT I guess just pinned the tail on the donkey. I just wish he gets punished if proven guilty of mishandling it. The courts will decide... but of course how in the world could you repay us getting humiliated in the International community huh?!



Anonymous said...

Nice post. I've learned a lot from it. I didn't watch news. :D Too bad

Splitzbz said...

yupz same here... interesting post bro..

casey said...

Nice post. I've learned a lot from it. I didn't watch news. :D Too bad