CRM Systems and Me At Work!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Toxic work at the office? Try mine next time! ^_^

Today is going to be a different day. I’m going to tell you how hard my work is. Some of you may not know but I currently work for a Fortune 500 corporation that engages with a few businesses here, the US, Europe, Argentina and India. With a customer base counting millions; it’s a necessity to provide customer relation systems that would provide fast and efficient information in this field. It’s used to service operations for customer service, technical support, return merchandise authorization and business process outsourcing. With the data given by these so called systems we analyze our target-marketing campaigns. We need to conceive business strategies to equate to the results that clients need.

Our crm system combine policies, processes, and strategies implemented by our corporation and unify customer interaction to provide a mechanism for tracking customer information. This is where our business runs and where we stand. We give the companies we do business with to provide a holistic approach and excellence in customer service. With our hybrid business model, we have the capability to meet requirements in North America or offshore. Through our centers in the United States, Philippines and China we are now delivering world class solutions for:

* Sales and Marketing Services

* Technical and Customer Support

* Back office Processing

* Print and Fulfillment

We ensure the success of thousands of other businesses. This is just a bit of how complicated life is for me. We partner with our clients to provide a hybrid model for 24x7 customer service solutions from our Greenville, South Carolina and Rochester, New York locations as well as three locations in the Philippines. I’m part of the BPO Department (and a very technical account) which handles the smooth transition of these processes. We currently have over 2,700 representatives communicating through several channels including inbound and outbound calls, email and chat support. Part of the job is to construct the most appropriate program to meet strategic, business and customer service goals while utilizing the technology necessary to support the procedures such as proprietary management tools to capture valuable customer information. We go beyond certifications to assure the protection of crm systems and information.

With integrated real time reporting generated by award winning software, you can easily see how we consistently exceed expectations. I’m proud of my work and what I’m doing right now. I hope you feel the same way about your jobs no matter how complicated life is. Aren't you glad you ain't working for me? Lolz!


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