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Sunday, October 26, 2008

I look like this now... T_T head hurts a lot!

'm not in the mood today, I'm feeling a bit under the weather now. My head hurts a lot and I can't even see straight. It's a good thing I can type with my eyes closed. It's both soothing to have my office fan breezing at my back (while the AC's on) and me typing away. Its the first time I'm doing this and I dunno if I'm getting typo's already. I just hope the pain stops soon. I've taken 2 tabs, mefenamic acid and paracetamol to get this over with... I just hope my head would feel better... its like I'm bashing my head on the wall til now. Arghh.. why did this happen all of a sudden?!

What's more bad is that I'm already in the office... and I can't just simply go back home coz I'm taking care of my attendance at work... talk about LOYALTY lolz... I'll probably have to spend my shift going to my desk and the clinic... it's a good thing we have one huh?!

I can't discuss anything politically and morally straight today so I'm just gonna beg off blogging today. Last Saturday I went out with friends in Makati... and I was with my wifey the whole time... I went to her place late afternoon this day also... ahhh! How I wish we could spend the whole day together without thinking of the office and work. The big question is.... "When can I have a vacation? T_T"

BTW FYI... I have not incurred a single absence since 2003.... weird huh?! I think I need a break... a big break!

T_T my head hurts still... I hope this goes down later... and I even planned to go to the gym in the morning! lolz! ^_^


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