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Friday, October 31, 2008

Now you see how smooth everything looks with John Lewis?! ^_^

I have been an impulsive buyer of sorts. This is one condition that I could not decipher myself (and I confess!) but in the day and age of “upcoming recessions”, “slow down of markets” and “volatile businesses”, I don’t think about spending too much on necessities for my house. Prices have gone up but if you think about it, you’ll just have to stick to your instincts in purchasing large items and base everything on “QUALITY”. You heard it ladies and gentlemen; the word for the day is quality.

I just had our house renovated. Some pieces of my furniture are really getting outdated. From those Avant-garde tables and chairs we have in the living room to modern metal equipment we have in the kitchen, and antiques passed on from generation to generation, we simply would need some of our furniture to bind these times together. I’m not rich and famous (well sometimes I am LOL) but I saw this collection from John Lewis Bedrooms, a famous retailer in the UK. When I saw the furniture, I was in love as everything seemed to be designed to fit in any room in my house. Now I know I would not have any problem choosing the perfect nightstands, dressers, wardrobes, and stools that can jazz up my generation gapped house. Everything will blend; it will be simple yet elegant and with flare.

I now have pictured the perfect bedroom for me and my brother in Ireland. I’ll decide to buy the best; including mattresses when I decide to migrate to London late this year (if all plans push through, I’ll be flying in a few months). With the pieces he has in his store, all my things will be kept in place. I know it’ll turn my bedroom into a luxurious place for retreat. I hope to really make my home there as a place of refuge, so I can relax and just concentrate on my I.T. studies at Kensington College.

I’ll recommend John Lewis Bedrooms to everyone when I get there. ^_^


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