MOA on Ancestral Domain Unconstitutional!!! - Supreme Court

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

MOA is rejected, now it won't be given away that easy!

The Supreme Court ruled 8-7 against the MOA on Ancestral Domain between the Government of the Philippines and the MILF. The court reiterated that Malacanang and the GRP Panel abused its power for pushing for this MOA implementation without considering public consultation. As they say in the movies... I'm not surprised! ^_^

Justice Conchita Carpio-Morales, on the other hand asked the GRP panel to start public consultations from hereon while negotiations are still being done with the government. Peace Process Executive Order 3 Republic act 7160 was the culprit here. The part thats unconstitutional particularly is the recognition of the Bangsa Moro Juridical Entity to act as a state. It ain't gonna push through now because nobody offered public consultation. I would personally be happy about this, I wouldn't want to give away parts of the Philippines to unscrupulous individuals that long before had hostaged the government to comply with their radical ways. Talk has been going on for years, and they could not control their people. Everyone knows that, they should consider ending this asap. People are dying, hurting and being fled away from their homes. Its not enough that people talk and let other parts of these unruly people make their own rules. They go back and haunt innocent ones. May God have mercy on their soul!



Anonymous said...

It is really unconstitutional. My instructor was one of the lawyers who filed for the Temporary Restraining Order and was one of those who prepared the necessary documents for the oral argument before the Supreme Court.

They really fought for the rights of those people who will be affected. Actually, our residence (Zamboanga City)was one of the places included in the MOA. Our City Mayor Lobregat also was one of the opposers of the MOA because his residence was also included. The Zamboangaenos were really glad that SC upheld the rights of the people.

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