20 Milk Based Products Cleared of Melamine

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Melamine is for plastic products like these and should not have been added to milk! sheesh!

20 more milk based products have been tested negative by the BFAD Philippines. This is the third batch of tests that the bureau has conducted after the melamine scare that has affected China based milk products. Melamine is an ingredient for plastic based materials and has been found on some of their products. This has caused a couple of baby deaths in China and elsewhere in the world since they exported this in Asia and other places in the world.

Make sure you take note that these are okay for consumption:

1. Anchor Wam Froot Milk Drink ( Mango Magic )
2. Anchor Wam Froot Milk Drink ( Orange Chill )
3. Anchor Wam Froot Milk Drink ( Strawberry Spin )
4. Arla Full Cream Milk Repacked
5. Austria Milk Candies
6. Candyman White Rabbit Butter Toffee Candy
7. Cottage Milk Sweet Cream Butter Milk
8. Crisp Bean Chocolate
9. Crisp Chocolate Stone
10. Dairy America Milk Powder Repacked
11. Dairy Kreem Skimmed Milk Powder
12. Dong Guan Bairong Coconut Biscuits
13. Farmland Milk Powder
14. Kiddie Soya Milk Egg Delight
15. La Crema ( Puregold ) Skimmed Milk Powder Original
16. La Crema ( Puregold ) Skimmed Milk Powder Regular
17. Magic Chew Grape Fruit Sharing
18. Milk Drink In Red Can ( In Chinese Characters )
19. Oakland Skimmed Milk Powder
20. Showa Tempura Batter Mix

On Monday, BFAD will release another batch of tested products. Friday would be the last day. We just hope we did not get those contaminated in our system! These guys were said to be punished says the Health Minister from China. I just hope he's telling the truth after all that fiasco and poisoning right? (-_-)" Hohumm...



pusangkalye said...

thanks for continuously informing us. As I said this needs concerted efforts from all sectors....including ordinary citizens like us....

Anonymous said...

OMG! It's so dangerous.....

faye said...

hope the china govt do the right action for this,,,,imaginin mo para silang pumapatay ng tao just to earn MONEY!

12345678 said...

OMG! It's so dangerous.....