Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Last call for the last week!
The disgruntled faces seen here are from ^_^

I and countless people around the world awaits Uncle Sam to decide who'll win in the up coming elections. The impact of votes by Americans will greatly affect the economical and political conditions around the globe. The issue over economy has been deliberated over and over again and I'm not discounting the fact that this is really a BIG thing to be concerned with... though there are other ones that should have been dealt with so these repercussion and preposterous results do not happen. Large percentages are already lost and they should have invested more time in business confidence rather than bailing out banks. I think people really didn't know how this started... but really because of a few greedy people (which comprised of board members of these banks) that had GIGANTIC amounts of bonuses and living "la vida loca" today, the whole economy of the US is at stake. They earned a lot but since the credit and lending became too volatile when they left it, a recession is about to occur. This is what is at the drawing table both on McCain and Obama's camps... if a miracle happened, then this would not be a problem anymore for millions who invested in the US economy.

Seems to me that Obama is leading. Last time I read the news, almost 8 states that were originally solid for Bush went to the side of Obama. This is a huge mistake on McCain for not maintaining these states where electorates were even high. I'm so sorry but I think Obama is gonna be the first black president. You can probably quote me on this a day before if the double digit lead doesn't change lolz! McCain still however has a week left to change these undecided votes to his camp.. but did you see the CNN debate where Obama still fared better among neutral voters at that time? Most probably, it won't be a showdown on the 4th of November. It would be a massacre!




dede said...

hi kumagcow,,,in this case i give a big support to obama, will do the same thing?

nyoman said...

Which 1 u choose? Oh I noe u choose PH President :P

dede said...

hi kumagcow,,,in this case i give a big support to obama, will do the same thing?