The Final Debate : Obama VS McCain

Friday, October 17, 2008

They go separate ways after 16 days...US Elections getting bigger by the minute!
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It's officially 16 days before people in the US decide who leads the most powerful nation on earth (i think!) and have I been impressed? Ahm... not exactly. I watched the last debate about the US economy. The run I made in the treadmill in the gym seems long, I see lots of talk... and their plans? I just wish those work out... they've got nowhere else to go and no choice between the lesser of the two evils (lolz pardon the language, just jokin!)... I know people who think that way though.

I don't get the fuzz about Joe the plumber though... well, he's like the modern day american who would get his standard of living affected in the change on the tax structure the US is trying to implement together with the bailout package. He and the middle class people in the US who try so hard to make a living and now face poverty in the midst of the crisis. I just hope he doesn't get to conditions in the Philippines where IF you say you are POOR, you won't get a decent meal 3x a day... well that, or no meal at all. In the debate, I saw McCain leading in papers. But charisma should play a big role in this campaign... his composure helped this senator Obama (from Illinois) a lot... substance is okay, but anybody would be afraid about this showing, McCain might not win this one IMHO...

I and about billions of people around the world will just wait who to call Mr. President in a couple of days. The Red states are getting bluer and bluer by the minute. While McCain tries to get the Red states stay Red... a lot are at's stake in this election. Colin Powell btw just recently endorsed Obama. This election will not just affect the US, it will have an impact on the rest of the globe. Filipinos included! ^_^

Who do you think will win after hearing em this last debate? How about the election? ^_^ Thanks for your comments!



Anonymous said...

the economy is just bad I guess in everywhere. I don't care who the next president will be but I just feel sorry for whoever it will of them will be working extra hard to get the nation back to it's core. Try to fix what Bush's left and it will be hard on the next president!

Anonymous said...

OBAMA pa, piso manalo sampung piso !

jamongoloids said...

OBAMA pa, piso manalo sampung piso !