Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Other kingdoms say OUCH when the snake bites! Arrgh!

UTOPIA a world unlike any other ; is the catchy phrase you see in this online web based game by SWIRVE.COM. I've been playing this for ages... (was playing Genesis for years!) but like any game, sometimes I do okay.. sometimes I don't. You better visit the site if you haven't played it yet... this site won People's Voice webby awards for 2002 and 2003 as the gaming site of the year.

We're all mere mortals I know... but in this online browser based game, we can be anything we wish to be... something like role playin.. I'm in a kingdom called Kingdom of the Snake right now and it's fairly doing good in Wars... if you were there the last "age" (which is the game duration) you'll probably notice we're doing much better now... more better players coming in and activity is becoming higher... the game takes turns so you may have to login more than twice a day to keep your province alive... and in this age we stand Wars: 3 - Wins: 2. It's just enough, now we have to plan for a better strategy because we already are preparing for bigger kingdoms to war with. It's not that violent (no don't get that idea!) but it'll keep you to your feet because even if you go home or you go to school/work you still sometimes wonder "what happened to my kingdom?!" its a lil addictive and haunting.

So if you plan to waste time online (LOLZ) and enjoy conquering, warring, casting spells, meteors and fireballing people... then don't forget to play Utopia @ http://games.swirve.com/utopia

I wanna say a big HI to my KD mates btw! Good job last war!
Let's do a better job next war! Wraaaaah!


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