Jennifer Hudson's Nephew

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The support has been outpouring for finding Jason Hudson
(Photo by AP)

Oh my... I thought this only happens in movies. This is really sad news for Jennifer Hudson. I read off a local newspaper that the SUV police were searching for was found and an unidentified body of a young boy was in the rear the seats. Police are still in the process of an autopsy. This would be a real tragedy.

I am one of millions of people who continue to pray for the safety of this kid. Police are in custody also of William Balfour, the estranged husband of Julia Hudson (not the father) but is not charged with anything yet. Jennifer already lost a 29yo brother and also her mom on a possible double homicide case... then they continued to look for this boy. She even pitched in a 100 grand for information to the whereabouts of this child. This would be a very sad ending. Let's still pray.


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