#SANAOIL Event Mounted: Artistic Fight for Sovereignty

Sunday, April 28, 2024

We've been on our toes (even more recently) as Filipinos when it comes to the obvious bullying and tyrannical try of other countries to own what properly belongs to us at the West Philippine sea. No surprise, a non-profit org called Pinoy Aksyon (Pilipino Aksyon for Governance and the Environment) together with KM64 (a writers collective) just recently came out with #SanaOil  (a performance event) to better inform us about what's happening out there through songs, dance, spoken poetry showcasing their different talents while giving focus to the cause. 

One of the activities include Spoken Word Slam Competition which talks about how we have sole proprietorship of not just the body of water, but the riches of the sea and everything underneath it #TubigatLangis. It was a time to hone speech for showcasing patriotism and a sensible call for action. KM64 artists also did "sabayang bigkas" with groups like Kalipaya Theater Group, YT famous Jong Madaliday, Fifty Per Hour, the Tanghalang Bagong Sibol (theater and dance company), Chiang Lion and Dragon Dancers, Hype, Justine Taller and the one and only Dalaygon Queen Lady Morgana of RPDRPH.

PinoyAksyon wants #SanaOil to become just the start in order to make Filipinos become part of more efforts through innate freedom of expression, environmental care, and the importance of the country's sovereignty. 

We need to have active participation now because we can't just stand around and do nothing while they continue to bully us. 


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