Wednesday, April 03, 2024

Got the chance to watch the pilot episode of "LUMUHOD KA SA LUPA" yesterday through the advanced press screening arranged by SariSari Channel, Viva Studios and TV5. It's a series based on the comics and movie made by Carlo J. Caparas, and will now be part of the Caparas Universe.

For those who don't know, the film came out in the 80's with Rudy Fernandez, Jackie Lou Blanco, Eddie Garcia and Mark Gil. It was a huge project, and seeing it be done as a series on free to air TV (right after Eat Bulaga) will certainly be monumental, possibly catapult the career of Kiko Estrada who almost quit the industry a few years back.

Sarah Lahbati also has not been doing any projects in the past 8 years. Her last one was also a Carlo J. Caparas masterpiece and reckoned she's been doing only Caparas projects by fate. Needless to say, she's been doing a lot of projects recently and a few endorsements too. She was absolutely gorgeous that afternoon, and her role is an important one for the story since they will have a pairing in "Lumuhod Ka Sa Lupa" too.

Aside from Kiko and Sarah, the series also include Sid Lucero, Rhen Escaño, Gardo Versoza, Mark Anthony Fernandez, Andrew Muhlach, Phoebe Walker, Andre Yllana, Ashley Diaz, Annika Co, Rose Van Ginkel, Jeffrey Hidalgo and Jeric Raval. You can officially say this is their attempt to put Kiko Estrada into the "action star" game. The series may have some small flaws, but the thing is made like a movie and quite fast paced. You'll have to watch it from day 1 so you get to see how Norman changes over the course of the series and also know why he had to become a force to be reckoned with later on in the story. Ultimately, this is about family and seeking justice... but just like what the two directors said, none of the characters would be useless. They all had a part to play in the life of Norman.

Here's the interview we had with them after the screening

"Lumuhod Ka Sa Lupa" will be shown right after EAT BULAGA on April 8th, and will be shown 8pm the same day at SARISARI Channel in the evening. This is part of TV5's Hapon Champion block and the throng of summer shows they will be releasing. Go like their social channels to know more about the show because they will be posting updates about this more there.


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