THE RAIN IN ESPANA to be Shown on TV5

Friday, May 12, 2023

've seen much talk about this on Twitter and an online novel platform a few months ago. When they were already rolling and announcement of the cast was already done, I am glad how they chose Marco Gallo for the role of Kalix and Heaven Peraleho for the role of Luna. This is first and foremost, a love story. Telling that story from the book to the screen is going to be a hard one and it needs to come across the same way if they want to succeed.

The show will premiere on May 14 at 4PM (and Sundays thereafter) on TV5 and their other platforms, and will have 10 episodes to make sure it translates to the audience how hard it is to balance school, family, love and wished career these days. Things will certainly be complicated once the part of infidelity will be shown, so make sure you watch out what caused it and how it would turn out in the show.

Rain in España has shown a lot of promise in Viva One so having this be on free to air and digital TV will have an entirely new audience to please. Writer Gwy Saludes (who looks so young btw!) is also involved as a creative consultant, so it'll be good to see how it would strictly follow the story line, and perhaps, the success that comes with that. This is also directed by Theodore Boborol who's got several successful movies on his belt, so we do expect this to be told excellently like his other projects.  

Aside from the two stars, the show also includes Gab Lagman, Bea Binene, Krissha Viaje, Nicole Omillo, Aubrey Caraan, Gabby Padilla, Andre Yllana, Frost Sandoval and Francis Magundayao. For more about this project, head on to TV5's social channels and see why people are raving the Rain in Espana.


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