SPARKS CAMP - First Queer Dating Show in the Philippines

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Is dating difficult these days? Have you been looking for that certain spark? Be ready as 10 single guys gets the ball rolling in the country's first queer dating reality show called "SPARKS CAMP". The show will be premiered this Wednesday at Black Sheep's YouTube channel and yes, netizens have certainly noticed.

I've seen how people reacted on Twitter, some thirsty for conversations. At the helm is Director Theodore Boborol who has been part other hit shows like PBB and MMK among others. Patrick Valencia and Daniel Saniana also wrote the script. Patrick has done "Hanging Out", "The Third Party",  hit web show "Hello Stranger". Daniel on the other hand did "Sila Sila" apart from his other works. Hosting the show is Ms. Mela Habijan who's been a stern supporter and part of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Director Theodore says "We are very excited to let you see the show Sparks Camp, I hope you enjoy the show and hear who you are rooting for in the camp."

Mela says "Happy pride! This is the first queer reality dating show, it's difficult for the community and hope this sparks conversations especially in the queer community."

Here are highlights from this evening's mediacon, enjoy!

People will love the cast, as campers Dan, Nick, Gabe, Justin, Stanley, Karl, Aaron, Alex, Bong, Nat will be trying their luck in finding the one who will give them that spark. This is part of the throng of content that ABSCBN is putting out on YouTube, make sure you watch and take part in the conversation. Remember, May 24 at 8pm, in Black Sheep's YouTube channel.

Patrick Valencia in the end adds "This is our labor of love and hope you spread the word, thank you!"

PS. Got the chance to see the first episode, which you shouldn't miss so you get to know the guys before they try to see if there's real spark!


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