Beko Showcases Best Wares at PH Trade Launch

Saturday, May 20, 2023

Beko, the largest appliance brand in Europe just recently concluded their 1st Trade Show in the Philippines held at the Marriott Grand Ballroom in Pasay City. It was certainly a chance showcase their best products and be seen among dealers from different parts of the country and media outlets too. Arriving at the event venue, they already had us got acquainted with the home and kitchen appliances they have brought to the country. They assure all designs, materials of products which they sell in Europe is the same as what we have here in the country. This is certainly reassuring, and from what we saw at the experience area of the trade show, there's a lot more things from Beko that the Filipinos need to have in their homes.

Dyeun Zapanta the Marketing Manager of Beko says "We want to bring BEKO to different places in the country. We innovate our products, and have your household chores not get in the way. Our goal is to empower you to Live Like a Pro."

Beko Pilipinas Corporation Country Manager Gurhan Gunal adds "We grew our patents to over 3000, and now is the top brand in Europe. We are bringing our portfolio in the Philippines to help our customers have a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Our target is to become the number one European brand in the country. We will invest digital and trad media to bring brand information in different channels. You can use smartphones to connect with our smart appliances, use sustainable materials to build parts of our products,  recycle and do water treatment on some of them. We will be expanding, doing the legwork of launching more products since we were hampered by the pandemic. We will also be utilizing the help of Judy Ann Santos to become part of the mass households, to get closer to the consumer and be present in Visayas and Mindanao too. We have Harvestfresh technology, a unique cooling feature nutrifreeze, and our next game is connecting them, for a smart home. This will happen in the next 5 years."

News about how great Judy Ann Santos as an endorser was discussed during the question and answer portion. Her being a part of the brand was brought upon a survey they did while looking for an endorser, on who people would trust, and of course, Ms. Judy Ann Santos - Agoncillo was on top! They also will be asking her to further bring the message across, to be closer in every household where Beko wants to be in. They will also be expanding in Visayas and Mindanao, also plan to build more avenues for after sales service, and experience locations in the same region. They also mentioned that there's 114% increase this year compared to last year, so business is doing good. Execution of their expansion will take place in the next 5 years, but their thrust is to stay and plan even more things in days beyond that. I've seen their line of fridges, washing machines,more small appliances and dishwashers at the event, I bet it'll be nice to see them in my own home too, go check their social channels and official website for more information about it.


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