Fun Primetime Sundays with Jake and Sue in “Jack and Jill sa Diamond Hills”

Friday, May 05, 2023

New show, new ways to laugh and chill at a fun new sitcom produced by APT Entertainment will be seen on TV5 this coming May 14. It's called "Jack and Jill sa Diamond Hill" and stars sought after actor Jake Cuenca and the gorgeous Sue Ramirez. It's definitely high time that they do something new, and this come at an opportune time since we've suffered much during the pandemic, we really need reasons to laugh a bit at the comfort of our homes. Under the great Director John Lapus, this will surely be a riot and will put us all into a ride with comedy, action and suspense all in one!

Jake and Sue will play police officers who in order to solve a crime, will need to live together as husband and wife... thing is, they need to find the dangerous material "Happy P" and the perpetrator called S3xbomb, plus, they don't really like each other. That's where the problem ensues. The community in Diamond Hills is also full of interesting characters, and one of them could possibly be the one. They would need to choose between characters that Gardo Verzosa, Ms. Ara Mina, DJ Onse, new actress Nana Silayro, character actor Nico Antonio, DJ Jhai Ho (who did the voice overs too!), Hershey Neri, basketball star Willie Miller and a throng of other actors will make this mystery a lot more confusing for them.  


These two cops also need to do it in 3 months, a pretty short time when they've got a lot of investigating to do without blowing their cover. 

During the mediacon, Sue Ramirez told the press that she would want to return the favor because she has learned a lot these couple of years that she has worked with Jake. This time, she would want to take lead since she's got a lot of experience in doing comedy programs in the past. Jake has been so ecstatic since this is the first time that he's had his own sitcom to star in. Here's a few things we saw during the press conference:

Direk John Lapus didn't have a hard time directing Jake, Sue and the cast as they're very professional. They know they need to be ready once they are on set, and have to finish scenes efficiently while having fun with the others. They lamented how light the set was, and they hope you get to experience the fun they have in making this epic story for primetime.

Again, make sure you tune in to TV5 this coming May 14 during their prime time slot. It's going to be fun!


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