Apollo Skin Solutions: Positive Mindset and Holistic Care

Tuesday, May 09, 2023

Got to join a really fun wellness camp a few days ago hosted by the good people from Apollo Skin Care, a brand under PHILUSA Corporation (who's celebrating their 65th!) that provides affordable but quality products that's been doing it for more than 30 years. Their secret? Keeping it practical, only dishing out products that YOU NEED and make it accessible to the market. This is why they've stayed on top. This has been the mission of PHILUSA Corporation says their President Neogin Evangelista. From their Apollo Petroleum Jelly, Sebo De Macho, Lip Balm and Castor Oil, all these products keep you healthy looking and moisturized.

At the event, they also invited derm Doctor Michelle Manuel who explained how to achieve better looking skin and how to nourish it. Taking in fruits and veggies, water, lots of sleep, protecting it with sunscreen, these will all keep you young and have glow. You also need Vitamin C for collagen production, so those skin issues won't surface early in life. She also suggests lessening stress to prevent breakouts. Makes total sense.

They also invited Colleen Mateo who swear by Apollo Sebo de Macho which she used for her scars after undergoing surgery. They also had choreographer Aira Casim who uses Apollo Petroleum Jelly which she uses for almost all her body parts to keep it moisturized the whole day. She uses it on her feet since it's the most used when she dances. Janeska Margaux, an influencer uses it for her dry skin so she looks perfect on photos. They also use the Pink Apollo Lip Balm and Castor Oil, so when they face their cameras on their vlogs, it'll look plump and moisturized. Plus it's not expensive, something that other brands would charge much when you're getting the same quality.

We also played a few rounds of bowling at the venue. The Apollo Wellness camp is about body, mind and soul, so taking care of ourselves is also a priority. Having a well balanced life means you have to have those serious days, but also have time to play. I also got to know a lot of the other Moms and influencers there that I wouldn't have on a normal day. That made my inter-personal skills a little better.

Now if you want to know more about Apollo Skin Solutions, make sure you like their social channels by searching for Apollo Skin Care or the main PHILUSA Corporation brand for more of these products, it's a sure way of doing holistic care.


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