Acer Equips SpatialLabs Devs with More Tools on Sterioscopic 3D

Friday, May 26, 2023

Pronouncements from Acer proved quite positive especially for those who are involved in their SpatialLabs technology. It's pretty special as the drive to do things that don't need glasses, and fully utilize steroscopic 3D on Acer SpatialLabs Pro devices is getting prioritized. They equipped developers this time with unity plug in support to produce even more content that are of stereo 3D nature, this goes for content and app development. They certified OpenXR for SpatialLabs so they could use protocols for it.

They also used Acer's SteamVR Bridge in order to maximize it's full potential in using stereo 3D and VR.  Using the Unity Plug-in, they were able to also include creators in devs from a different niche like architecture, education, engineering, medicine and a lot more. They did this together with the Unreal plug-in that has been widely used in the past, making it faster to conceptualize programs with their new tools without the need for pricey glasses and equipment. They also used open standards in building systems for their hardware line, without the need of throwing out working applications, building on compatible solutions especially on OpenXR runtime, like those done in AutoDesk VRED 2023 and those made in Blender.

Acer's SteamVR Bridge driver on the other hand can have existing VR apps especially those that are involved in tours and educational information be converted using Acer's SpatialLabs Pro, you don't have to abuse the word immersive for the quality of images that gets produced even without the usual VR headsets they often have.

Visit them at Computex in Taipei, Taiwan on the 30th to June 2 to know more about it. Try on the new SpatialLabs Pro devices and see the difference first hand. Else, you can visit their official SpatialLabs Developer site at to know more about it!


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