Less Stress, Smart Washing and Caring for Mom with the TCL C20

Friday, May 12, 2023

Mothers Day is around the corner and I bet, you're already trying to rack your head thinking of what to give your Mom this year. After all, she took care of you since Day 1, fed you til you got so big and get yourself a job. Does your clothes smell nice? Chances are, your Mom washed your clothes right? She must have been working hard accomplishing tasks on her day job, breaking her back again at home putting food on the table, then either hand washing your clothes for a couple of hours. You want to make her life less stressful? Why not get her a new TCL C20 Front Load Wash Pro?

It's a pretty good investment. It's big as it's got 10.5 Kg capacity. You can also dry clothes up to 7 Kg. It uses a honeycomb crystal drum, does Air Wash, Steam Wash, Fast Washing, or opt for drying in low temperature. It also can do soft drying and is equipped with a safety lock so it's not going to be dangerous for kids and their apos. These days, they also need something that's energy efficient (with the high cost of electricity) and this one has a DD Inverter Motor in it, isn't that great?!

This TCL Washpro C20 also has a Dryna Heat Inverter, something so smart that it automatically adjusts the heat needed to dry your clothes. Best of all, you've got lower maintenance because it has a Drum Clean function which uses hot water inside to clean (after every wash) and make sure it cleans clothes thoroughly every time. It also scrubs each part of the textile because it's designed the honeycomb crystal drum that way. It's pretty tough on dirt, but still take care of the delicates. You'll also see less clothes bound for ironing as the steam puts less wrinkles on your shirts, pants, just about anything you put on the washer.

The TCL C20 Wash Pro certainly would be something your mom would love to see gift wrapped and all when she comes home from a long work day. If you want to know more about it, check out tcl.com/ph/en because there's a lot more information there. Ciao!


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