Tivoli Royale Country Club Marks 1st Anniversary: Recognizes People on Founders Night

Saturday, May 27, 2023

This evening was quite nice as I ventured to a little known place called Tivoli Royale Country Club in Quezon City. It's a couple minutes drive at the back of Ever in Commonwealth. It's a haven especially for those who like sports since it houses facilities that cater to that; amidst a backdrop of fancy neighborhoods, gotti looking pool, and indoor amenities that could rival the best ones in the country.

Today marks their 1st anniversary, and to celebrate that, they held a Founders Night. Tivoli Royale Country Club just welcomed 405 new members during the occasion held at their badminton gym this evening, May 26th. They have spruced up the place and now bares indoor and outdoor facilities where families of club members can enjoy life's pleasures all in the same grounds. The same venue can also double as pickleball, volleyball and tennis courts so imagine the things you can experience as a member, to your friends and family as well.

Aside from the members, executives, VIP's and celebrities graced the occasion, and yes, they started the celebration with the fun antics and comedy of famed comedian Wacky Kiray.

Wacky Kiray also made sure there's some semblance of audience participation. He invited a couple of folks to a game where they would sing, dance, and enjoy his brand of comedy to the delight of the audience. It was fun especially when he had to go to different areas where bald guys were, asking if he was his twin.

Tivoli Royale also has also brought out the guns with really good cuisine from their prime restaurant Royale Lounge. I must say, I've dined twice in different events in this place and the food they served has always been divine.



Tivoli's Executive Chef Emmanuel Jonnel Roxas made sure the quality of food they serve is top notch, and everyone behind the success of Tivoli Royal Country Club be served with the best out of their kitchen.

Tivoli Royale Country Club also recognized their most loyal members, their very industrious employees and those who have spent years with them. We all saw how proud their peers are especially those who come from their own departments.

I'd like to take this bit to congratulate the men and women behind TIVOLI ROYALY COUNTRY CLUB and the successful mounting of this event. You deserve the awards you got during this Founders Night. If you would like to inquire about membership or like to schedule a visit, please head on to their official site tivoliroyalecountryclub.com or their social channels facebook.com/officialtivoliroyalecountryclub or instagram.com/tivoliroyalecountryclub__.


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