Ever Wondered What Working in Snack Corps Look Like?

Thursday, May 11, 2023

I like Oreo dunked in milk or coffee, have Cadbury Dairy Milk after dinner, Toblerone on snacks, and Cheez Whiz on mac and cheese or sandwiches. Did you know that all of these come from Mondelez Philippines? Ever wonder what it feels to work there? Well I do.

Raf Baradas is the Senior Brand Manager for chocolates in this corp. As a marketing pro, he deems it important to be a consumer of the products that they work with. He remembers making those triangle sandwiches with Cheez Whiz and eating tons of Oreo for snacks back in college. He's glad he's growing with the company that makes it. He also likes how it's very high paced and see how his love for the products become the same for consumers around the country. He bids this a very fulfilling position on both a professional and personal level. He knows putting importance to consumers made the brands what it is today, and glad how there's a mix of people inside the corp. 

Gicelle Medina the Senior Marketing Manager for Meals at Mondelez Philippines on the other hand loves how diverse the people are at work. They also have a huge amount of leaders that they get inspired with, to not only work with them, but learn from their brilliant minds. They guide them and have them learn through trials, with some of the best in the industry. Being a part of this she says has nurtured her professional and personal growth, and loves how Mondelez Philippines continues to be an environment best for those who work in Marketing and want to further their careers.

Now that just wants me to work there too. If you want to know more about them, head on to the Mondelez Philippines site and social channels.


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