Be Summer Ready with Megan!

Thursday, May 11, 2023

It's so hot outside you can fry an egg off a car roof. These days, it's but a necessity to take care of your skin. Let me tell you about what Megan has up their sleeves.

Ever wonder why there are Filipinos who look younger than their actual age? Some of them use sunscreen on a regular basis, and some of them use serums too. The harmful rays of the sun could cause skin cancer and more of those unwanted wrinkles, having something to protect your skin and making sure it has the nutrients and protection it needs is crucial especially now that it's summer! You must take a look at their new sunscreen and serum line as it protects you from the harmful rays, and nourishes your skin without being heavy, it's also safe to use regularly.

I saw their brand ambassador Megan Young and her husband Mikael Daez a few days ago in an event. To say she's beautiful is an understatement. She uses Megan Beauty products and even swears the ones with Niacinamide and Vitamin C on it, and makes it a point to include it in her daily skincare routine. She has been doing this together with the Megan Peel Off Mask to do self care even at home, or on the set before she goes in front of the camera. Best of all, it's affordable too. Now wouldn't this be a good day for a little self care? Of course it is, go head on to leading shops where Megan is available!


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