VOLTES V Legacy's Big Bert Matt Lozano Releases 3rd Single "LIHAM"

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

I've known Matt Lozano for a couple of years now. When he started in the industry, we've known him for being a really emotional singer, likened to the John Mayer style we've all known to love. He's done several covers, but have began releasing a few singles including "Kwarto" under GMA Music, "Walang Pipigil" which was done in 2021, and now a new single called "LIHAM" under the same label.

LIHAM is a lot different from its predecessors. Much of it is because of the fact that he did this in just a few minutes, stemmed from raw emotions which he showed to producers later on and published with GMA Music. It's also about moving on, finding yourself, and see how you could recover from a heartbreak. Surely, this will resonate with a lot of people. He gave us a live performance of it here!

@kumagcow VOLTES V LEGACY's BIG BERT aka @mattlozanomusic sings LIHAM his 3rd single under @gmamusic #voltesvlegacy #mattlozano #EntertainmentPH #tiktokshowbizreporter ♬ original sound - John Bueno

Matt Lozano has been dreaming of this day, to finally get the fruits of his labor... especially in the acting work he's done these past few years doing Voltes V: Legacy. He's been lauded by critics in movie/TV reviews. To say he's done a great job in reprising the role of Big Bert would certainly be an understatement. He's thankful for the opportunities that are opening up for him as Voltes V: Legacy becomes a household favorite for Filipinos everywhere.

Check out our interview with him here:

I don't know if Matt Lozano is single, but if he is, he's surely going to have a lot of ladies loving him for his singing. Go stream "LIHAM" on Spotify and other streaming platforms. There's also a lyric video which they shot while recording coming out on YouTube, so make sure you're subscribed to GMA Music's YouTube channel.

Thank you Matt! I'm so happy to see how your career has taken flight. Congratulations!


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