JILLIAN WARD is your DreamGirl

Thursday, May 25, 2023

Seeing Jillian Ward again after her very posh debut (a few months ago) I can say, it was about time! Her show even then was already successful, but evidently, it has become something BIG these days, every home knows who Dr. Analyn is from "Abot Kamay Na Pangarap". The series has also transcended every age, as seen on social media, people have been rooting for the genius doctor. They are continuing to do so, and today, part of the reason to be happy is her being the celebrity endorser for DreamGirl. 

Currently they have one product out in the market, particularly the DreamSkin by DreamGirl GluKoGen Soap. What it promotes is giving you that toned healthy glow. With regular use, it could give you brighter, younger looking skin. Aside form that, they have DreamGlow by DreamGirl Hand and Body Lotion with SPF50 PA+++. It's a non greasy lotion that can also give you protection from harmful UV rays to prevent it from darkening. It'll be out soon so if you want to know more about it, be sure to follow their social channel here.

Jillian says "I personally have used the products first before endorsing it. Taking good care of your skin has been something that I just do, because it's the base of everything, before you even put makeup. Playing the role of Dr. Analyn in "Abot Kamay na Pangarap" was a bit difficult because you won't be able to use heavy make-up almost all the time. You would depend on your skin, and make sure it's clear, without blemishes can still make you look good on camera."

Here's part of our interview with her that morning.


Again, if you would like to know more about the brand, follow their social channels and see more of Jillian Ward there!


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