Mr. DIY Announces "Team Kramer" as Brand Ambassadors

Monday, May 15, 2023

Going to Mr. DIY in any of their branches across the Philippines has been something I'd try to resist on a regular basis. It just seems that I couldn't resist how there are always low prices for items that they have. There are tools for carpentry, home improvement, electronics, garden, summer items, toys and just about anything you need to decorate your home, Mr. DIY has it. This evening, they had us see their brand ambassadors in the presence of Charles Salecina, Roselle Andaya, Ferdie Casis and a throng of Mr. DIY's executives. 

Mr. Charles Salecina says "Thank you for taking time to be with us this afternoon. Mr. DIY is launching a new campaign with our new ambassadors to push the brand to become the country's favorite, and become the biggest family store for your everyday needs. We opened even more stores across the country and have maintained "Meron DIYan" tagline, making sure anything you need is at Mr. DIY all the time. Our products are quality, and we want to make sure it's at the lower price point for our consumers."

Mr DIY CEO Roselle Andaya adds "Thank you for making this possible, your continued support has been appreciated. Mr. DIY is not just a store, we improve lives by improving homes, we believe quality need not be compromised for families. We welcome a family that exactly reflects our values, I am delighted to welcome our first brand ambassadors Team Kramer, Doug, Cheska, Kendra, Scarlet and Gavin."

Cheska says "Yesterday we all went to the the nearest Mr. DIY branch near our home and there was such a unique array of products to choose from with every member of our family. Kendra and Gavin went to the toys, plush and stationaries whilst Scarlet went to a different lane. It's also a place to replenish what we have for the garden, so from bottles, to tools, we got it all from Mr. DIY."

Doug says "I went there to get all my electronic supplies, cables, things that I can fix my home. It's a place for home improvement, hobbyists, it has evolved into a store that has everything in it."

Mr. DIY now has 370 branches nationwide. Team Kramer will certainly add more value to what they have built over the years especially as a brand that has catered to the whole family. It's nice they waited for the perfect time to get people who are also trusted by millions of Filipinos here and around the globe. Congratulations to Team Kramer and Mr. DIY, can't wait to see you become even bigger in the next few years!


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