TCL Gets Red Dot Award for Soundbar this 2023

Thursday, May 11, 2023

I remember buying a TCL TV a few years back, it lasted for years and I loved it til it had its last hurrah. Today, it's the second top brand and first when it comes to 98 inch TV's and recently, their TCL S6 Series Home Theater Soundbar even won a Red Dot Award for product design (this 2023). This distinction has been much coveted in the industry since they've been around for 60 years recognizing the best of the best for consumer devices.

The TCL S6 Series Home Theater Soundbar has 3 models. The TCL S643W takes pounding for breakfast with it's 70W subwoofer, three speakers that can take your listening to another level. It's got a different max volume output, less distortion, so imagine if you've got this, subwoofers and sattelite speakers installed in your media room. Power is at 240W so if you've got a large floor space than recommended, it's not going to be an issue.

It's also got Dolby Audio. If you hear how it feels in a multi channel environment, you'll love how it's clear and feel like you're there on the scene when watching a movie. You can opt for automatic settings via Specialized Sound Modes if you prefer an easy route, but everything is up to you if you want to personalize your settings.

If you've got a TCL TV (which has Bluetooth capability), you can take advantage of its Bluetooth 5.3 connection and just use the connection to keep everything wireless in your entertainment setup. If you want more ideas, go visit TCL Philippines official site and social channels because they've got a lot of tips there.


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