The BIGGEST Collaboration Happened: Shakey's and Potato Corner

Monday, May 01, 2023

What's your favorite potato? Well, that's going to be a huge debate, but instead of competing with each other, a collaboration between Shakey's and Potato Corner just happened this Labor day. We know Shakey's just got the iconic mojos back in circulation after a long hiatus because of world potato supply issues. Aside from that good news, they're now partnering with an equally iconic brand Potato Corner to put FLAVOR with your favorite Mojos.

Today marks it's first day and you will be able to enjoy it in Barbecue, Sour Cream and Cheese flavors. Thing is, this is going to be only available for a limited time so what's there to do but order now. You can get the SOLO size Php 209, the Basket of Flavored Mojos for Php 429 and the Flavored Mojos Supreme for Php 579.

Pro Mojo Monster tip: If you want to experience 2 flavors, ask them to do half and half so you can try two flavors in one bucket or supreme. For more information about this, go to your nearby Shakey's store for dine in, take out or delivery. Please don't disturb me for a couple of days, because this will be my lunch and dinner LOL.


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