Experience CITADEL Differently on LG SMART TV's

Sunday, April 30, 2023

Do you own an LG Smart TV? Or are you planning to get one? This news item is certainly made for you. Every LG Smart TV owner is set to get astounded with a new spy thriller show called CITADEL, seen on Prime Video and Amazon Studios. What's good is that you'll be loving it even more on the LG OLED TV as it's scenes will be set in deep blacks and crisp life like color. This also sits so good on the models that have Automatic FilmMaker and Dolby Vision, for an even immersive experience just like in the movies.

The show starts streaming on Prime Video on April 28 and stars Richard Madden and the beautiful Priyanka Chopra Jonas. You'll be obsessed with the spy angled story that goes through a chase around the world. There's also a love story in between so make sure to bring popcorn as it'll be a long one. This will also be streamed in over 240 countries and territories, online, from the store and even in Times Square in New York on one of those displays.

There's also more where this came from as more of the LG OLED TV will be seen on stores nationwide to deliver content with the right colors and details that LG can deliver. Titles from Prime Video, MGM+ and Amazon Freevee will churn more in the future and there's nothing like a good set to watch it in.

You may follow LG Philippines on social channels to know more about their products and where to buy it. If you prefer online, it's also in Shopee and Lazada, so go get them now!


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