Dina Bonnevie Spills Tea on KORINA INTERVIEWS

Saturday, April 15, 2023


Tomorrow is certainly a good day to go and watch veteran broadcaster and journalist Korina Sanchez-Roxas' show KORINA INTERVIEWS on NET 25 5PM. For starters, she's talking to the feisty, award winning actress Dina Bonnevie who's going to talk more about things she's gone through life, showbusiness and none of the controversial stuff she was in a few weeks ago (yes none of that certain celebrity).

During their talk, Dina divulges how her Dad had released dogs to run after her boyfriend, how had to tone down the way she talks because of politics, the things she does in the north, how she was tortured to kneel in mung beans, how she also had her daughter kneel on rice grains, plus the work she had to do despite being in a well off family. There will be tons of stories and anecdotes about her past relationships, and how she became THE Dina Bonnevie that we see today.

Again, make sure you set the channel on NET 25 this Sunday at 5PM and see what other interesting stories she would dish out and feisty statements uttered on Korina Interviews!


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