Time to Try foodpanda's "pandago" Delivery Service

Tuesday, April 25, 2023

If you weren't looking and if you're living under a rock, there are a lot of change happening in the foodpanda app. Recently, they launched a new package delivery service called "pandago", something that certainly can benefit you for your personal errands and businesses for their delivery needs.

Case in point some foodpanda merch I had a few days ago which my friend saw on my stories. He's single and very sad lol. So it wouldn't take a genius what a friend would do, send him the merch of course! So it just took a few steps to put in my pickup point, his address, enter the voucher (which is 95 percent off on first pandago transaction), and booking it. It took about 4-5 minutes to have the driver pickup the parcel (which was quick) and a couple minutes more to get the parcel to its destination.

Ms. Patricia Jacinto the Operations Director of foodpanda Philippines puts this as a convenience service that would benefit Filipinos especially if you're sending documents, gifts, and packages. They wanted to also expand their services across the platform as they see the demand for it. They rolled out pandago in several cities like Davao and Cabanatuan. There's also real time tracking on the app so you can see if it's already there plus insurance coverage if it gets lost or stolen during transit. Use NEWPGO on the app and see how it could take off an amount on your delivery services. Imagine the amount of people especially MSME's who can do deliveries fast, 24/7 anywhere in the country (that's the good end goal eh?).

I'm a panda PRO subscriber and have had lots of benefits from groceries (from pandamart) and food deliveries (from my favorite restaurants). Now there's more things that would make my life easy when I forget something from home (which happens a lot apparently) or just want to make someone's day special. 

Hope you all get to try pandago, I just did, it's not that expensive and I totally enjoyed it!


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