Ken Chan's PAPA MASCOT Shows in 100 Theaters Today!

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

e love Ken Chan, I mean, who doesn't? He's the most charming, adorable and very kind artist even back in the day. Today is going to be epic as his film PAPA MASCOT will be shown in 100 theaters nationwide. Ken Chan is a little nervous but so proud about it since a few of his friends already saw it during the celebrity screening a few days ago. They've been very supportive just like when Ken needs them, he felt a lot of pressure but he was happy how they reacted during that day. Some of them cried about the film, and told him personally why they loved it. The feedback so far has been very positive. He's also part of the producers, and they plan to actually make more soon.

Ken says "It's so touching to see the support of GMA and Sparkle management. They even supported me in my businesses, they send press and bloggers to help me in everything that I do, it's really a big help. I don't even have to request, they reach out to me and I'm lucky for that. Even if this movie wasn't produced by them, they encourage me to do more projects. PAPA MASCOT certainly was hard to do but I don't complain, because it needs to be shown on film, the characters obstacles, it's hard to have that be shown on screen but the story needs to be drawn. Like the character, I experienced the same when I was starting. I didn't have tents, I didn't have a place to go when I was just a nobody. I prayed for my success, it wasn't a joke and I even had my parents with me that time. I want longevity, this is my passion and I would want to be able to work with the industry's best right from the start."

This is directed by Louie Ignacio and he had to level up acting wise because it needs to be toned down as the personality of the mascot is big already. You will feel pain, you will feel love with PAPA MASCOT. Imagine what you'll feel in the cinemas, go watch it today please as I will too!

This is under One International Films.


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