What's your GCash Story?

Friday, April 28, 2023

It was a hot day but nothing that could hamper us from watching #GCashStories. I'm sure you've got your own GCash stories too but today it was about a new individual who definitely pulled heartstrings at the venue.

The first one was about a man who lost his job and resorted to drinking. He was lost, but his family suggested to put his love for coffee to good use and made it a business. GCash made it easy to accept payments, buy stocks and rebuild his life again. It was about hope and perseverance. 

There are about 79 Million+ GCash users here and around the globe who also have stories of their own.  His remarkable story inspired a lot of people to post their own stories. They knew every story, big or small should be told.

The new one is about Alma (who was also there at the venue). She's a humble photocopier from Ateneo. Her love for students who she treats like her own was a story of love and care. When typhoon struck, she got her home flooded. Students who she cared for her where obviously was looking for her, but she couldn't go to work since she needed to clean up with her family. The students knew about it, and organized a fundraiser to help her get back on her feet. She was able to fend for her family because the people she cared for helped her back. She went back to work and got surprised as everyone was there to welcome her. She also got to build a new home. It was certainly a touching story. 

We can relate to Alma at one way or the other, and just like her you too have your own story. Believe it or not, her panggas were also there in the GCash event to see her story immortalized by Antonette Jadaone. She helped change their lives, and they changed her life too.

How about you? What's your GCash story?


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