foodpanda Launches pandaPatrol Hub on Wheels!

Sunday, April 30, 2023

foodPanda is on a roll as they launch a new service that is meant to reach out to even more of their foodpanda Riders across the country. They call it pandaPatrol Hub on Wheels, huge bus that serves as a hub for legitimate panda Riders in hopes to entertain them (via lots of games), reward them (where you can use Bamboo points for foodpanda merch) and help them with any kind of foodpanda rider concerns they may have that can be answered right on the spot because their executives and officers will be there to talk to you in person as it has several seats to accommodate you inside the vehicle. 

The event was hosted by a good ol friend of mine Papa Jackson (who's a real deal biker too) and a DJ of Energy FM. He made the evening quite fun. Aside from that, artist, singer and rapper Quest went on an inspiring barrage of songs that evening and also lauded foodpanda for making efforts in bringing services to their foodpanda riders. Some very talented foodpanda riders also performed on stage the official foodpanda song, they're quite talented that they are bringing them to different provinces to do the same.

The plan is to get this bus appear in different parts of the Philippines this coming June to make sure foodpanda Riders across the country would benefit from the prizes, the rewards and services that they have rolled out this year. Thank you foodpanda and hope to see more of these activations in major cities, provinces and far flung areas soon!

Congratulations on pandaPatrol Hub on Wheels!


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