AC Health Confirms Expansion Plans for Healthway Medical Network

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Just got back from the festivities held at the Altaraza Town Center as they made QualiMed San Jose Del Monte a part of the new Healthway Medical Network and named it Healthway Qualimed Hospital - San Jose Del Monte now. They are under AC Health, a subsidiary of Ayala Corporation which thrust is building a healthcare ecosystem that will provide healthcare for all!

We had the chance to talk to AC Health President and CEO Paolo Borromeo where he mentions how they plan to expand into more areas around the country and utilize funding to build, operate medical facilities and clinics to reach and serve even more people, to give medical services that are apt for the location and retrofit, renovate, build new facilities where it's needed. Here's a glimpse of the new Healthway Qualimed Hospital in SJDM Bulacan on video:



Sir Jaime Augusto Zobel De Ayala was there during the occasion and says "I am delighted to be here to be with you. Glad to see Ayala Corporation peers, LGU's all who have been such a big help, thank you for being here. It's an honor to be with you, during the pandemic, SJDM is the first COVID testing center and we had an opportunity to administer vaccines during a very crucial time. Today we celebrate a milestone, with a new name, as Qualimed is now part of Healthway Medical Network, a part of a larger care network. We plan to expand our medical facilities, including clinics in key tour areas around the country. As our ecosystem expands under the Healthway Medical Network, we promise Health Beyond Cure."

Aside from Mr. Ayala and Paolo Borromeo, the Congresswoman, several LGU executives and representatives from the provincial government of Bulacan were there to witness the event. As a way to thank them, they were presented with Healthway Care Cards for their constituents, both for the city and provincial government so if they would need to help people in their locale, they can go to the Healthway QualiMed Hospital in San Jose Del Monte and be attended by talented Doctors, Specialists, Nurses and staff that has made this place what it is today.

Mr. Ayala also thanked them all for the work they have done during and after the pandemic, but mentions it's far from over. He said sorry because he couldn't thank them personally one by one (because of time constraints) but he knows how hard they've worked these past few years as the acquisition of QualiMed by AC Health pushed through. This will be just the start of even more hospitals and clinics that AC Health plans to acquire in the next few years because they plan to invest more in health services as part of their company's goals for the country. So make sure you follow their social channels to know more about their cause.

Congratulations Healthway QualiMed Hospital in San Jose Del Monte Bulacan!


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