Waiting for MMFF 2023 Nod: Maricel Soriano Starrer "In His Mother's Eyes"

Saturday, October 07, 2023

Intense scenes from Roderick Paulate and Maricel Soriano won't be shortchanged.

The Metro Manila Film Festival is near and I'm sure there must have been tons of films submitted in hopes to become part of it. This is special especially these holidays because being part of it isn't just economically rewarding, but has that certain prestige to be chosen amongst some of the best in the industry.

There's a Maricel Soriano, Roderick Paulate and LA Santos project called "In His Mother's Eyes" that wasn't included in the first four films, but I'd reckon it could break expectations if it does become part of the list (eventually) especially with the caliber of acting involved in it. Seeing Maricel Soriano almost stripped down and dependent on her capability to deliver emotions like no other gave me goosebumps during a special screening (of short clips to get a gist of the film).

Family Love

Multi awarded actor Roderick Paulate takes on a challenging drama, gives funny when it is needed in the film.

LA Santos got hospitalized in one scene, it was that intense. Boy has acting chops people should see. And his Mom said, much of the story is what he experienced in real life.

The film also discusses a few social issues. To answer a few questions like how you would measure Motherhood, the sacrifices people have to endure as OFW's and how it ultimately affects the family. There's also the point of LGBTQIA+ and the challenges to raise a child with special needs. All these in one movie that will make you laugh (the scenes with Ruby Ruiz must be seen!), cry and change your outlook on people. 

7K Production head honcho Ms. Flor Santos told us the story of how Ms. Maricel Soriano got the role and says "When they did Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin, I was in China and they were locked in during the pandemic. He was a Mama's boy (LA Santos), he was crying and panicked a lot during different instances in the shoot, Maricel was there to calm him down. It was then agreed to continue this film, and just thinking about back then, I thought it was impossible. This is also the reunion of Roderick and Maricel, which is why we also had the best people at the back and front of the camera. To get this to foreign festivals, streaming platforms, I'd love that to happen. I know choosing Roderick Paulate had a lot of naysayers, but I wanted him to do this especially since I know he will do justice in the role. He exceeded expectations. I think it's God's way of telling us, we're good people, we are blessed."

I'd be disappointed if this doesn't get included in the MMFF 2023 lineup, as "In His Mother's Eyes" could very well cop acting awards based on what I've seen so far. The framing, photography, is also equally amazing. Here's hoping we don't have a let down.


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