MYMP Releases "Di Mo Lang Alam" Under PolyEast Records

Sunday, October 29, 2023

I've been an MYMP fan for a couple of years now. I'm not afraid to admit, I'm obsessed with the acoustic and heartbreaking songs they dished out in past albums, and hearing they're releasing a new single made my MYMP heat quite happy. For starters, they've got sisters Juliet Bahala and Ethyl Bahala singing for the band. This means it's a whole new plethora of music that they're going to do as it won't sound the same if they only had one vocalist. They're already awesome individually and since they're singing together, it's something different which Chin Alcantara welcomes. He says much of their music revolves around the singer, and the recent single they released called "Di Mo Lang Alam" had a more pop hopeful love song vibe. We met them at the SUPERSAM branch here in Scout Tobias in Quezon City.

Juliet is a very spirited songwriter, and she's got more songs in the pipeline which they plan to release in the near future, to hopefully complete an album. They have been working hard after renewing ties with PolyEast Records. The new music will certainly earn them another generation of fans, while hopefully not alienating those who love the previous songs they released. This is what Chin believes is his responsibility as a Producer, and I think he's done a remarkable work with this.

Here's our interview with the band last night, please enjoy!

"Di Mo Lang Alam" was something that has spurred from imagination, funny that it came from a day she forced herself to write. Juliet asserts that much of the upcoming songs they plan to release would be something relatable, with efforts to concentrate on what people go through at a certain stage in their lives. It's also about vulnerability, to allow yourself to muster up the courage to tell the one you love how you feel and the sacrifices you did for them. The band also has plans to make songs in English to cater to those who are outside the country and prefer it in that language. They also don't have concert goals yet, but much of the success they've achieved in the past few years have always been that way, and hopefully, the same happens in the next couple of months.  

They do have plans to make a music video for the new single, but for the meantime, you can go to the MYMP Facebook page to know more about where they are regularly performing. The single is now out on Spotify, Deezer, YouTube Music, Apple Music and other streaming platforms where available. You can also head on to the official PolyEast Records social channels to see where MYMP's music is going, because as far as what I've seen last night during their gig, it's going to be awesome!

@kumagcow MYMP Vocalists Juliet and Ethyl Bahala Performs Always Forever at Supersam Scout Tobias #TikTokHalloween #halloween2023 #music #mymp #tiktoktainment ♬ original sound - John Bueno

 Here's a little more chat about the time we talked about the health issues that Juliet went through and have been able to overcome,


I'd like to take this bit to thank the men and women from PolyEast Records and the MYMP management who hooked us up so we could talk to them. Again, thank you!

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