KIM CHIU at the Hairfix PROfessional Line Launch

Tuesday, October 03, 2023


It's been a while since I've seen Kim, last time was a press conference before the pandemic. But I've always taken an interest in everything that she's doing especially with her relationship with Xian Lim who's also a warrior (we both are from UE). Kim has always had that bubbly disposition, something that you can't really find much in the industry. I wasn't surprised to see her land big roles in a few series in ABSCBN, and as of recent, Linlang on Prime Video. Kim has been long gone with those teeny bopper roles and has already been the apple of the eye of various brands that want her as an endorser. And now she's a part of the LifeStrong family, and is endorsing the new Hairfix PROfessional Line.

Before she arrived, there were a few people that Hairfix had on the event to tell their personal experience with the products being launched. I guess this was done so people could connect with ordinary people.

Mom Chris says "I truly love their products til now and I've been very experimental when it comes to my hair. My hair is aging and it gets damaged a lot, I need to take care. I love the Collagen Peptide and Castor Oil leave on hairspray. I don't use conditioners but these combo is effective for me especially with coarse hair. The difference is quality of ingredients, so I'm inviting you to try it because it smells good and perfect for humid weather. I have tried Korean products that often do good but now you don't have to go there to get the same results. It feels more natural."

Doc Bea a dermatologist says "For those who experience sudden hairfall, these collagen, peptide and castor oil must be consistently applied so it would nourish the scalp and help your hair recover from getting damaged. Check the ingredients, look for hydrolized keratin, it can also increase hair shine and gloss. Even if you don't have those problems, use the products to prevent it before it happens. Understand that it should be suitable for your hairstyle, you have to be particular and do research what product would work."

Content Creator Dion says "Only a few things work for me and my journey with curly hair. It boosted the moisture of my hair and I had less frizz because of the shea butter and hibiscus extract that prevents that. The power curl line doesn't have paraben, natural curls get really damaged if you style it too much, it's got natural oils so I only shampoo every now and then (3x or less a week). When you are curly, it just has a life of its own, and the leave in takes care of it without alcohol. They are very affordable with Hairfix."

Marge Lee of LifeStrong Hairfix says "With our line, it gives a lot of options for people. The ingredients give various effect that people look for if they want to take care of their hair. 4 in one bottle solutions and these complements different types of hair."


When Kim Chiu arrived, she had a meet and greet at the Watsons store in SM The Block. She then gave us a chance to ask a few questions via a press conference after the event.

Thank you to the men and women who worked so hard that day. Thank you to Hairfix for letting us experience a few hours with Kim Chiu!


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