Who's Making Trouble at GOOD WILL?

Saturday, October 07, 2023

Good Will is currently on it's 3rd season on Net 25. It's a sitcom that tells the life of Lloyd Patawad played by David Chua that's in the crossroads to choose between his passion being a rock artist and managing a resort he inherited from his mother.

Other stars like Devon Seron, Kat Galang, Raymond Bagatsing, James Caraan, Ryan Rems, Smokey Manaloto and Ms. Marina Benipayo make each episode an interesting one as they talk about the different facets of life, the good and the bad, plus a whole lot of problems to solve right after the huge fire that broke at the Good Will resort.

Aside from that, his love life took a turn for the worse, as long distance relationships with Sarah starts and a new girl arrives. Will Tricia get to stir the pot?

Ownership of the resort on the other hand is super controversial, then food from the pantry goes missing, who is to blame? That's when they get a surprise when they discover the culprit! Is Mina a team player or is she a foe? This is just part of the things that viewers will find out in future episodes!

This show is produced by ALV Productions, Viktory 8 Media Inc., and Dark Carnival Productions. Show starts this coming October 8 at 4PM. Make sure you join the fun, the crazy rivalry and relationships right after Korina Interviews (another hit show on the channel).


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