Tuesday, October 03, 2023

There's certainly a huge change happening at BUM Equipment as they release a new line properly called BLACK ARMY ACADEMY. I'd reckon the changes actually come from the brand's knowledge of a generation growing with them, and along that the changes and street wear culture that developed over time. This new collection showcases how they get to innovate style wise, because it's not just going to just stay stale, but become cool and developing pieces that work for those who choose to wear it. 

Black Army Academy is for those who are rebellious, the free spirited ones, with an in campus lifestyle. These are the ones who choose to stand out, who look tough and won't be too shy to stand out while wearing them. It's still comfortable, whether it's a shirt, jacket, pants, even those that are filled with patches and prints.

Here's a glimpse of how BUM Equipment wants you to look like with the new BLACK ARMY ACADEMY line.

For those who adore the military look, utilitarian, which you can mix and match with your own existing BUM pieces, because it follows what you wear when it's trendy, and remains uniquely you if you choose to be one in a million/stand out.

The new BUM Black Army Academy Collection is now available at all BUM boutiques, even in huge department stores nationwide. If you want to stay home, don't fret as it's also in Shopee and Lazada, all you need to do is order and wait for it on your doorstep. It's fresh, it looks cool, and would definitely turn heads as you wear them with confidence, as the streets become your runway too.


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