Shop at Puregold and Help Raise Funds for Communities

Saturday, October 07, 2023

Your usual grocery shopping at Puregold has just got more meaning now as availing their new anniversary promos now help fund their community outreach programs. In September, they did Puregold Panalo Cup wherein shoppers got to purchase limited edition cups with endorsers TVJ on it. Proceeds went to Hospicio de San Jose which is a place for orphans, abandoned kids and for the elderly. They also put it to basic needs, educational supplies, making the contribution of Puregold customers a huge part of this.

Puregold Price Club Inc. President Vincent Co says "We have been able to do this for years and now we have our shoppers not only get good value for money products but share with those who need it most. We need positive changes and this collaboration with shoppers would be good for short and long term goals, and our efforts."

As part of Puregold's anniversary celebrations, they also got Visar Society to do custom tote bags for the benefit of La Mesa Watershed where SB19 Justin de Dios designed "People of Puregold", to signify the help that the Puregold community was able to bring. It was sold late September, but will be available again around October 16 to 26. It'll be good especially for fans of the group, and those who genuinely want to help (costs Php 125 if you get Php 1500 worth of groceries and Php 200 anniversary items). La Mesa Watershed Reservoir needs a lot of trees and its species.

There will also be a raffle draw happening on October 8 where Puregold will choose winners that will be sent to Hong Kong (10 winners), gadgets (20 winners), Hakot with the Stars/grocery run (20 winners), and Sari Sari Store showcase for 50 people. The second wave of winners will be announced on October 27 to November 5. You can get coupons every Php 2000 groceries you purchase (only 3 per transaction though!). Fine print will be in posters in Puregold so read em while you're there! Puregold's Sari saring Birthday Promos will be done on different dates til November 2023, so stay tuned for that as well! 


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