The Amazing Race Asia Experience

Monday, November 01, 2010

I've been a fan of this show since it's inception. I don't know what particular part of it made me interested but I guess seeing how different personalities deal with situations brought about the adventures they have while traveling and doing tasks is an integral part of it. Do you remember Rovilson Fernandez and Marc Nelson? They almost won it and I was one of the few people who got disappointed when they didn't get to win the grand prize. Imagine they almost won all of the rounds and it was just the last one which they didn't get to finish first. Back to get an impressive revenge are more Filipino Teams and it looks very promising. I went to a viewing event a couple of nights ago at Greenbelt 3 in Makati. I was excited to say the least but because I'd get to see the guys and gals who appeared in the show I went on my way. It was high time I get to know them even for just one night... it was one of the few things I wanted to do being a fan of the show. It was awesome!

Richard Hardin and Richard Herrera aka "The Richards" were there and I think I've seen them in a couple of runway shows and TV stints in the past. I was quite impressed because they all made an effort to take time and get to know people, we seldom see people do that nowadays. It's so refreshing to see them hobnobbing elbows with us eating, drinking booze in National Sports Grill. This consequently is a bloggers night so there are other people from the industry there too. We watched episode 5 and 6. Why you ask? It's the time that they arrive and leave the Philippine shores. This leg of the race had then running from Sri Lanka to Mt. Mayon and Bisibis bay in Legazpi City. The other being their trip from Legazpi City to New Zealand. The women apparently have been dreaming of seeing beaches here. I hope they weren't disappointed they had to clean the shores to see and get there. Some of them were cleaning freaks so it took them a few minutes what other teams had to do with quite a little more time. I didn't get to be in the group photo op though later in the evening because I had to leave for work that day. I'll still watch this show by hook or by crook and you should do the same. How? That's easy. Make sure you press those remote controls and stop on AXN Asia. The show will be aired there every Thursday at 9:00 PM. (Two of the photos courtesy of AXN Asia's website)

Before I forget... of course we have another team in the race!

Oh no not that! LOL!
Meet these gorgeous ladies!

Jacinta James and Lani Pillinger, a tattooist and model from the Philippines. Lani was there at the party and oh boy was she HOT! Apologies for the testosterone driven word there but I'm sure we can't help it! LOL!

We would like to thank the glorious City of Legazpi and Misibis Bay Resort who served as our sponsor for the event. This place has served as the pit stop for Episode 5 and the starting point for Episode 6. Thanks to the guys and gals who made it to the end of the race. Thanks to the organizers and people behind this event. I had so much fun!



Unknown said...

Will be waiting for the photos.

EngrMoks said...

A huge TAR and TARA fan here... Go Team Philippines... comment ko lang bakit laging half-pinoy ang pinapasali sa TARA?

Traveliztera said...

swerte mo naman dude!!!

Traveliztera said...

napost ba comment ko? HAHAHHA

glentot said...

They represent the Philippines? They don't look very Filipino to me...

John Bueno said...

@Bino naupdate ko na eheh

@Mokong well maybe they prefer goodlooking celebrities and most of them are Filipino Americans

@Steph asus swerte ka dyan ikaw na Aussie girl hehe

@Glentot well up close they do look the part, medyo may lahi lang... parang ako lang hispanic pero mukhang pinoy LOL kapal ko talaga hahaha