The Games Awesome People Play

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Do you want to see what's keeping me busy at home? If I have free time and choose to chill around the house I try a lot of games on the Internet. I'd like to recommend a couple of them here so you'd get to enjoy what I've been playing all day long. It's quite easy and you don't need to install anything just as long as you have flash enabled on your browsers. Have you ever played boxhead2? If not then you are going to have so much fun playing as the swashbuckling box equivalent of your heroes in the silver screen. You can choose between them and try every possible way to defeat enemies as they try to hit you and shoot back. If you see the boss just make sure you don't get to cocky and feel invincible because you'll die for sure! It takes a couple of hits to do so and it isn't a good thing to repeat everything when you are almost there!

How about playing this other one called age of war? You would surely be the envy of your friends if they saw you playing this great offense/defense strategy game. When I showed it to them they immediately grabbed their laptop computers and tried to outrank me! Of course they are going to have a hard time doing that because I've conquered a lot of levels already! You'd be so powerful you can cast a special spell and have meteors swarm over your enemy. It's really a treat to see! Make sure you also get your web master friends to check them out soon because there are opportunities on blogging for money with our friends on YOUSAYTOO.COM! They'll generate traffic, get more readers and share their articles on line fast and efficient. That's just way too fun!

When you get to play let me know your scores okay?!



Bino said...

tatry ko sana kaso block dito sa office. hehehe. sa bahay na lang mamaya. :D

YOW said...

Itatry ko to mamaya. Haha. Pahinga muna me.

Ako si Yow said...

Itatry ko to mamaya. Haha. Pahinga muna me.