Daily Moo's 11022010

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

It's November and I can feel the cold wind blowing. Oh that's just the air conditioning unit... nothing to be afraid about like its snowing in Manila... people could die from that.

I wanted to go to the CREAM Halloween Ball but decided not to go last minute. I go out too much these days. I need a massage more than anything else. I always go to bars and end up drunk then swear never to drink again because of the hangover. It's a vicious cycle!

I'm going some place where most tourists have been before. I'm going with my folks and sister so this is going to be a little troublesome for me. I pay the bills... well most of it.

I haven't paid my phone bills yet. I will have to eventually but I'm doing a lot of things these days. Don't worry I might be able to do that after this post. Bancnet is probably online now.

Did you know that the Starbucks Planner for 2010 is out?! Yeap! So start collecting those stickers and cards again so you can get the planner for free. Well not really, you need to drink a ton of frapuccinos and get nervous before you get one. Did I say you'll pay close to a few thousand pesos too? It's a marketing trap and we are all falling for it!

Some Jolina Fans are bugging me over Facebook claiming I said something bad about their idol on an article. If you really read the fine print, it was all about just turning up the volume (hence I was talking about the audio) and not about the artist. Did you really read the post I made?! Spare me the drama... puhleaaase!

Off to Singapore! See you there! =)



Bino said...

well, see you in singapore! joke! next year pa ko dyan. hahaha.

ZaiZai said...

wow out of country trip! enjoy :) take nice pics for us to see :)