Ely Buendia XL

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pardon my French but let me say this... I am one lucky bastard. Just after the dental surgery that crippled and forced me to take a vow of silence til now, I got an invite to my one and only ROCK GOD Ely Buendia's concert. Ely Buendia XL is a celebration of his 40 years of existence in this world, his life, friends, people in the business and relatives who made this stay a whole lot better. He is a survivor; his heart condition hounded him through the years and yet here he is strong and ever better.

© John Michael Bueno

If I didn't have 4 stitches on my mouth my jaw would drop literally. Imagine I was right there in front of my rock god. He's so awesome in person and he passed by me a couple of times. I nearly fainted (if only there was someone that could catch a 200+ pound guy there I would!) and oh boy it was nostalgia! That's the perfect word for it, nostalgia!

He wanted to do a show with his songs that have not been heard by the public and those that influenced him. His father was the one who gave him the title of the show from a phone conversation they had... he asked him what he's going to do for his XL, he said "whaat?! (O_o).. it was the roman numeral counterpart of 40. He also said in some video clips that he's glad to be alive to do this for the people he love, people he care about and his fans.

The lineup consists of Bus Stop, Sembreak, Dreamdate, Buzz Kill, Magasin, Bum Ticker, Wasak Waltz and a lot more. You should definitely watch this. Thanks idol for giving me an invite to this event. If I was a die hard fan before, I'm definitely more than that now... a worshiper perhaps?! LOL Happy Birthday Ely!

Watch out for it on December 5 to be shown at GMA 7. =) I saw the clip this evening!

PS. Other photos will be published soon. Post processing takes days. I'm also in recovery so you know the drill! =)



akosiDi said...

Dreamdate, Buzzkill, Bum Ticker :)

John Bueno said...

Thanks! Edit ko nga hahaha XD

Xprosaic said...

Yun oh! Kaw na ang maswerte! lol hehehehhehe

Reagan D said...

waaaaaaaah idooool!!!!

glentot said...

Naks malamang makita ka sa TV!!! hihi

John Bueno said...

@John Lloyd sabe ko nga eh hehe actually di pa ako okay pero pinilit ko pumunta sa concert na yan

@Manik yeap, he's like a rock god to me

@Glenn glenn diko pa alam pero malamang, heheh kaso parang medyo madilim sa republiq, unless nailawan ako ng diko alam =)

akosiDi said...

Dreamdate, Buzzkill, Bum Ticker :)