WAR: North Korea, South Korea, US, China, Philippines

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I know you guys may have been wondering why I'm actually not in the mood to post today. To tell you the truth I'm not 100% okay. I just had dental surgery (to the point of drilling parts of my jawbone) and it is crippling me from going places. I can't even think straight because the pain is excruciating. I hope with the stitches gone it'll heal faster. Now off to some serious matters.

I watched this particular video from CNN. I know the region has been quite nervous from the exchange of words and missile launched by the North but what do you think will happen to us when war breaks? Are you nervous as I am? Maybe not but here are some scenarios that I'm trying not to see when the time comes:

* When war breaks, China will go to the defense of North Korea and US will back up South Korea. They'll both launch nuclear weapons and will spark a bigger war with China and the US. When North Korea becomes dust, the huge smoke and radiation will cover half the globe including the Philippines. No sun, acid rain, we'll all die from it.

*When North Korea wins, they'll conquer South Korea and continue to launch missiles to Japan, skip Taiwan (because they won't hurt the Chinese) then the Philippines. The north Korean soldiers will kill us all when they get here and there will be more like a death march. A lot of us would hold bolos again because of the lack of artillery and weapons. We'll look like weaklings. We'll also get our own share of nuclear missiles from them. Generous eh?!

*When South Korea wins, they'll conquer the North Korean side and push all their military there. They will also push to the boundary of China. China will be nervous because US might infiltrate them and another war will break from that small war. Nuclear arsenal will still be launched from both sides. No one will listen to the UN and we'll all starve to death.

Call me morbid but it might happen to us! This is no joking matter... what will you do if all hell breaks loose?



Anonymous said...

i am afraid all of these are probable. it's scary how people become narrow-minded and resort to violence to show their dominance over other countries.

the war between the west and the east.

the end is near.

John Bueno said...

Let's just hope we're wrong... =(