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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

It's been really hectic in the office because I had to redo some reports before the weekend and this is on top of our task to move to the other building as instructed by administration. I haven't even seen the room yet but they say it is quite open. I'm planning to get blinds so we would still have privacy while working there. Some of our documents and meetings are very confidential and if we are seen by everyone passing by that would just be too great of a risk! Getting some needed cover would solve the problem in a jiffy. I'm sure it will cost much less than putting up another wall or tearing down whole glass panels just for that purpose.

I'd like to make myself believe that everything would be a 100% okay when transferring but the logistics would be a nightmare. Easy solutions like that would make life a little better. It would cost a lot cheaper too because it would serve as commercial grade blinds that fit right in to the office feel. Some establishments like HILLARYS even have experts you can arrange appointments with so you can fix this faster than the usual handyman would do. I love what they could do in hotels, restaurants, and most public or private buildings. It instantly makes everything look better and I don't have to shell out too much funds for it!

Do you have them on your home? Is it easy to maintain? Care to share your experiences?


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