Daily Moo's 11192010

Friday, November 19, 2010

I need to do this every once in a while or else I'll burst!

I haven't got a haircut for the longest time. What am I doing? Am I gonna grow this out and get my hair long again? Oooh how I wish it was that easy. You would need to go through an awkward phase again if I do that. That would look very unprofessional though. Heheh =)

I want to shoot whoever is in the DOT. Didn't he hear the people? Someone is definitely NOT thinking. It ain't me obviously!

Blogger friends are either celebrating or leaving. Am I going to celebrate something too? Hmmm... I'm still thinking about it though. Maybe if I get to pay my bills I'll have a contest soon. You need to make an effort though and that wouldn't be easy. =)

I want to go out but I'm really tired from all the things we did this week. I want to get a massage for the longest time but oh boy, I haven't figured out where to get it! Help!

I'm having problems uploading videos in facebook, is it just me or is it just me? LOL What the hell is wrong with this thing! This is supposed to be easy!

Why are other people successful and others are not? It's because of FEAR... just the notion of not trying will never get you anywhere... so I need to do what I need to do. You do yours! =)

Go away! LOL



Yffar'sWorld said...

at least, your hair doesn't look ridiculous. XD i just had a very embarrassing experience the other day because of my shabby and ridiculously-looking hair.

i badly need a haircut. but this time i need a real professional to do my hair. XD

go out and do what u need to do! XD

Pen Ginez said...

aghh.. buti pa kayo keri pa magpa-hair make over..:)

glentot said...

Wow anong contest yun I'd be very willing to join...

Bino said...

magpadavid's salon ka kasi. joke! ayos naman buhok mo. at yeah, may problem ang facebook, can't upload videos.

Steph Traveliztera said...

Gusto ko pa rin hair mo! Kahit ano man yan!